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We are all Holograms!:

We are all Holograms!:


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


Overview and history:

In the 1940’s Dr. Dennis Gábor, a Hungarian-British physicist, invented and developed the: ”holographic method”. A “holograph is a three-dimensional object represented on a two-dimensional surface, similar to a photographic plate”. A simple representation, is an image projected in real-time and space.


Holograph Definition and Resource(s):


I remember as a teenager watching a TV show called: “The Futurists: ( In this one episode, the narrator was exploring items of the future. He referenced, “at some point in the future”: “we would all have our own personal phone number”. I remember thinking: “How is that possible? How would we be able to all carry our table or wall phones around?” He continued by saying: “at some point in the future”, we would be paying for TV service. My reaction was: “How is that possible? What would that look like? How would we place a coin-machine on the side of our TV’s?”. And finally, he said: “At some point in the future”: “ we would be paying for our drinking water. My thoughts at that point were: “Why would we pay for water when it was already free?”. Fast forward, and here I am today - receiving calls on my cellphone while I am watching Cable TV and drinking bottled water that I just paid for. “At some point in the future” is here now!

Today, the Futurists speak about: “At some point in the future” we will use: “digital currency as our primary means of currency, open doors and locks without keys - only ‘iris scans’ and not watch a TV show from across the room - but rather, be surrounded by ‘Holograms’ allowing us to become part of the actual scene. From my perspective, “the future is now - we are already living it!” And are there lessons to learn? Yes, there are - especially as it relates to: “the projection of Holograms….we are all Holograms….we are all projections of ourselves!”.

I have a friend who often states that: “I can see behind her mask”. That is an interesting statement. Maybe she states that because of her thinking my training in Psychology provides me that skill-set. Far from it! What I really want to say to her is: “we all have masks”. Think about it: "the images we share with others - are all projections of what we want others to see”. How we act, how we speak and how we present ourselves to others are all ‘holographic projections’, whether it be across a room, across an email or across a phone call. We just have available to us now - new platforms to use as a medium”.

And yes, “We are all Holograms!” Thank-you, Dr. Dennis Gábor.


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