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Over the course of time, my clinical experience and training have provided me with an incredible array of opportunities to learn from. In my early career, I have worked with individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of dementia. For years, I worked in institutional settings providing care to persons with all levels of Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities and Psychiatric Disorders. In addition, I have been teaching on the college and graduate school level for over 35 years.  My research focus is in the area of: adulthood, aging and gerontology, addictiions in older adults and caregiving - with a specific interest in family systems.

In my private practice, my focus is on adult development and family systems. My area of specialty is in: stress related concerns, addictive behaviors and what I call  "Developmental - Barricades", i.e., age-related  life events that are creating conflict and internal stress. Examples of  "Developmental - Barricades"  include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, sorrow, panic attacks, trauma, distortion of self-image, absence of meaning and purpose, substance abuse and addictions, interpersonal conflict, health concerns, and the overwhelming stress related to caregiving. As you will note, each stage of life is unique - as is each individual and family system. In these specific areas, I will teach you how to use imagery, relaxation techniques, and visualization techniques to re-frame how you see yourself and surrounding life events. What we know for sure is that no one speaks to us more than we speak to ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never allow others to say to us, the result is that we have a tremendous impact on the way that we think and act. I will provide you with strategies, that you can use immediately,  on how to change the way you speak to yourself, and more importantly, the way that you think about yourself and ultimately, the way that you act towards yourself and others. My intervention focus stresses the connections found in the following domains: Cognition (Clinical Hynotherapy & Guided Imagery); Energy  (Nutrition, Wellness & Spirituality) and Movement (Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, & Walking)


In everyone’s life there are a number of  events that can be termed as: “defining moments”. My practice orientation is to engage you as an adult who is in search of: exploration, meaning and positive change. I will see individuals and family members, as well, if needed. I am of the belief that: “ life happens outside of therapy.”  I bring to my sessions: clinical training, professional experience, personal life events, common sense and good judgment. 

My form of therapeutic treatment, Dimensional Solution-Based Therapy (DSBT), may not be for everyone - but I do find that it is extremely effective for people who truly want to make significant changes in the way they look at themselves and their surrounding life. With the combined use of traditional therapeutic intervention,  guided imagery and relaxation techniques, coupled with a positive belief system, that you and only you can make the desired changes  - I have seen great results with the use of short-term based Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Beyond my role as a Professor and a Clinician, I am a Writer of: Blogs, Chapters, Journal Articles, Textbooks (co-authoring) and Books for the General Public. I am finding this part of my life to be of value and professionally rewarding. In addition, I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I find it exciting to work on ideas or concepts that evolve to reality-based services or programs – and are of help, assistance and value to others:


AgePlan, Inc.



The National Organization of Adult Addictions and Recovery



As I tell my students, for me, a Professional in our Field is someone who is: Practicing, Researching and Writing. A Professional is someone who is staying current and has the opportunity to blend theory with application. My experiences have afforded me that opportunity.

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