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The Detoxing of Caregivers

By Dr L.T. Force

Now available on Amazon


The Detoxing of Caregivers: Key Tips for Survival, Strength, and Patience is a multifaceted guide to providing the best possible care for your loved ones and patients while also taking care of the one person many caregivers neglect: yourself.

The easy-to-understand text is not only aimed at helping the primary caregiver for those who have taken it upon themselves to care for loved ones, but it is also designed to help home-healthcare professionals cope with the stresses and demands of a career in service to patients who need round-the-clock attention.

Dr. L. T. Force follows the Dimensional Solution-Based Treatment (DSBT) paradigm in his expert recommendations and advice, focusing on strategies to achieve excellent care in three domains: cognition, energy, and movement. He also discusses the holistic triage approach to treatment, where nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise are key components to the best overall health of both patient and caregiver.

Dr. Force explains that the core issues that arise for caregivers must be resolved before the secondary issues can be alleviated. Instead of getting bogged down in the individual problems associated with caregiving, this unique guide helps find all-encompassing, self-empowering solutions.

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