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Watch Me Now!

Watch Me Now!


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


I have been in this clinical field for a longtime, in fact, for over 35 years. Over these years, I have been present for individuals and their families - as they look for: “new approaches and new ways to live their life, i.e. opportunities to change”. For the most part, individuals arrive for therapeutic treatment carrying "bag loads of emotions". Some of those emotions are: “disappointment, unresolved anger, regret, shame, trauma, depression and anxiety”. For many, these emotions have become overwhelming. (Remember, people typically seek out treatment because they feel things are not working well in their life….not because from their perspective, or the perspective of others, all is going well). Typically, they have worn themselves down with repetitive and obsessive negative self-talk patterns that generate negative thoughts, negative images and negative actions. The good news is, these underlying “emotional tremors” - have brought them to a place to:'seek and embrace change'....and Change can occur!”

We all know....we all know what is wrong or what is not working well within our own life….better than anyone else does. The first thing of importance, is to help the person arrive at an understanding - they are not that unique…. and in fact, at times: “we all wrestle with these bouts of self-doubts and self-degradation….throughout periods of our lifespan”. Here is the reality: “we all have stuff!”. The goal is:“to integrate new thoughts and new behaviors that will guide and steer us in a new direction”. The mantra, to be embedded in our self-talk should be: “if I don’t like the outcome of what I am doing….then change it….stop it! Doable? Yes, very much so! Impossible? No! Does it require work, commitment, discipline and effort? Again, Yes! Worth it? Absolutely, Worth it!” The overarching mantra that can be repeated to yourself is: “I got this! It’s a New Game….a New Way….a New Me….One, I have always wanted to be! Watch Me Now!”

P.S. I write these thoughts, recommendations and guiding principles for all of us….including both you....and me!


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