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“The Magnetism of Technology”

“The Magnetism of Technology”


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


“Staying in the Moment”….not an easy feat when you are holding your iPhone or iPad. Reading Headlines, Playing Spider Solitaire, Reading (emails or ebooks), listening to music and writing…. Goodbye1 hour! Let’s get serious. In fact, it may even be more than one hour.

The other day - it hit me. How much time I spend interfacing with technology. Yes, I do have daily rituals: waking, sleeping, working, exercising, socializing….and interfacing with my iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop. I spend a lot of time: “absorbed by technology”. I recently read an article that stated: “if given a choice, people would rather lose their wallet - rather than lose their iPhone”. I understand that: “I am tethered to my iPhone”.

Years ago, I was connected to my Franklin Planner - a paper and pen Calendar and Notebook. Today, carrying that Planner around - it would be like carrying around an old NYC phone book. I still use the Franklin Planner - but it is stationary on my desk. I also realize that my iPhone 14 is more powerful and robust - in comparison to my 1st computer a Commodore 64 (yes, I am dating myself).

So, this “absorption and magnetism of technology” - is it a problem? I think not. Problems are things that you look to resolve and eliminate - and I am not looking to disconnect from my technological platforms. As I am writing this Blog Post - what I started to think about - are the other areas in life where: “problems have been addressed….and lessons we can learn”. In the arena of addictions of recovery - years ago, the modality strictly promoted was “abstinence”. Complete abstinence - as a pathway to sobriety. Today, there are other pathways that are highlighted - including: “harm reduction” - deliberate decreasing of substance use. (Although, I am a believer that abstinence is a better approach when addressing substance abuse) - I can see why other options are offered - including: “Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)”.

So, is this: “Magnetism of Technology” a problem? For me, No! For me, I see it as a gift! would be like saying the discovery of automobiles, refrigeration, and electricity are problems. In fact, they are not problems….they provide solutions….they are gifts….as does the interface of technology! Now, in moving forward, I just need to continually learn how to seamlessly integrate these new arenas on the horizon. Oh, and one more thing:“Hello 'AI'...looking forward to meeting you!”


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