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Technological Evolution: The Change of Therapy!

Technological Evolution: The Change of Therapy!


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


For Practitioners that are in the “Helping Profession” we are in contact and work personally with people who for the most part are in: “Search of Change”. Yes, there are some individuals we work with - who sit across from us - not driven by their own motivation - but at times with the recommendations or ultimatums from: family, friends, work setting or law enforcement. Although, “mandated for treatment” - there are multiple situations and scenarios where change and long-lasting change occurs - regardless of what motivated the person to seek change.

What drives an individual: “to seek change”? Typically, a person will seek out an agent or situation that: “will help to remove or resolve internal or external conflict/turmoil, or increase/decrease specific habits and behaviors”. Usually, these behaviors or concerns surface over a period of time. It is almost like the result of a: “inside-percolation” a “snowballing effect”. The person who is presenting the issue or concern - has an understanding: “that something isn’t right….or something needs to change….and they are the first one to know that…. or have that thought or concern”. The question is now what? Is it the traditional psychotherapy route that is needed….is it short-term or long-term psychotherapy….or is it the complementary/holistic route….or is it a combination of both? The answer is: “it depends - but the beauty today is….there are so many options and platforms to access care and support”. Today we live in a new world - on the frontier of opportunities, universes and landscapes that we could have only imagined.

In the time period of Sigmund Freud (early 1900’s) - a psychoanalytical trained therapist - would probably work with, on average, 100 patients/clients in their whole lifetime of practice.

“My, how far we have come!” Today, with an emphasis on: “short-term therapy - a practitioner could work with 100’s of people - if not 1,000’s of people over their lifetime.

“My how things have changed!” And now we interface with technology!

The “Evolution of Technology” has changed the world - including the therapeutic world. Today, and now even more so - since the beginning of the Covid-quarantine - we have successfully integrated video platforms, video chats, mobile technology and Digital Mental Health/Wellness Platforms into the seamless delivery of therapeutic support. What a tremendous advancement having access to new tools, resources and platforms! And what’s the takeaway? If you think we have seen tremendous advances - to date….my recommendation is:

“Hold-on!….Virtual Reality (VR) has entered the room!“

“Hold-on!… haven’t “seen“ anything yet (literally or figuratively)!!!!”


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