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Raucous: Bring it on! Bring it in! Light it Up!

Raucous: Bring it on! Bring it in! Light it Up!


L.T. Force, Ph. D.


So, we think we heard mixed messages positioning ourselves as we entered the:

“COVID - Quarantine” and then we thought we heard more mixed messages as to how best to: protect ourselves, entertain ourselves and stay in balance both physically and mentally - during the quarantine. Well, my friends - get ready because the mixed messages are gaining momentum - as we prepare ourselves for reentry into a: “Post - Vaccinated World” . The blessing is - we would not have been able to have this conversation even 5-months ago.....but here we are.... now millions of Americans are standing in lines - for either their first vaccination or their second vaccination....and here we are....ready to launch.

What is it that we are hearing about this:”Post-Vaccinated World”? We are hearing a: "broadcast of mixed messages”. From some news and social-media platforms we hear: “be cautious....go gently as you reenter”. From other sources - we hear: “the next stop in the Post-Vaccinated World - will be a reflection of the Roaring 20’s - where all limits are tested (and beyond)”.

What’s my intention for reentry? I intend to be raucous!”.

The definition of raucous is:



adjective: raucous

  1. making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise."raucous youths"

  2. Further definitions of “raucous” reference the words: harsh, strident, screeching, squawking, sharp, grating, discordant, dissonant, inharmonious, jarring, brassy, rough, rasping, husky, hoarse, scratchy, noisy, loud, piercing, shrill, ear-splitting, penetrating, clamorous, cacophonous, rowdy, boisterous, unruly, disorderly, wild

Why do I want to be raucous? Because it is’s time to increase the's time to light it up! Over the last year, and yes, it has been a year, I have been quieter. I have been more reflective, I have been more subdued - I have been hibernating - I have stayed in place. I have followed suggestions, guidelines and rules that even I can’t believe I followed. I stayed an appropriate distance from people, I donned a mask in public, I closed my eyes and crunched my forehead (a number of times) as a foreign instrument explored my nasal cavity - as I waited anxiously to read or hear the words: “you’re negative!” I rolled up my sleeve and allowed someone to “jab-me” twice. Am I done with this conformity - yes, I’m done. Hear me clearly, I will continue to be a "good citizen" and abide by the social recommendations of distancing and the wearing of masks. I will wash my hands and use disinfectant. However, there is one difference. As I am doing all of these things to further enhance health and safety - i am also doing something different. I am going back to reconnect with: “that person”....”that me”....”that part of me” - that "I have cloistered for a year". The first thing I am going to do - just stop and take a look. Take a look at what I see, who I am, who I have become. At that point, in the quiet of a reflective moment , with head down I’m going to say a prayer of gratitude and appreciation....and all of this will be done..... as I stand in the presence of myself - affirming: “I am who I am - and we are moving through this - I told you I would never leave you....and now it’s time to get raucous”. And what does that mean? It means it’s time to begin to open the windows....its time to start the engines from the inside’s time to breath energy into your body, your mind and your's time to no longer be’s time to get raucous....and use that accompanying wake-up that change my routines and’s time to move forward”. We came into this quarantine....surrounded by mixed messages.....we lived in the solitude of the quarantine with mixed messages....and now we move into the "Post-Vaccinated World"....with mixed messages. I already know how I’m arriving....I am arriving grateful, determined, focused....grounded in common sense and “ knowing it's time to get light it up....knowing it's time to revive” - I owe it to myself . The question is: How will you present yourself in this new landscape.... how will you live your life in this new world.....and is a new world!


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