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Oh Boy! Time to reset (again)

Oh Boy! Time to Reset (Again)

by L.T. Force, P.h.D., Gerontologist



Someone (a colleague....a member of my network....a person I have enjoyed dialoguing with) recently recommended the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. I really enjoyed this book and was grateful for the recommendation. In fact, I have recommended this book to a number of people. One take away, for me, from the James Clear writing was - "a change of habits should be done in small increments - and habit change should be made easy". One recommendation he had was: "if you really want to build a new habit - “habit-stack it”....tie it into an existing habit....connect it". He also said - "it’s OK - if you miss one opportunity to practice a new habit - that’s life - but you never want to miss two opportunities to practice your new habit".

Over the last three-months, I have been practicing the habit of writing and publishing one Blog-entry per has been a way for me to: "reclaim my writing voice". For me, the process is - I think about a topic in the early part of the week - I write down some notes (I capture those thoughts on my iPhone - in the Note application) - and then I write and publish the Blog on Sunday. Well, today is Monday - and I am writing this Blog - I missed the established Sunday deadline. Why?

Why? If I was to list all the reasons, all the distractions....all of the events during this would take more than a Blog would take a 2-volume 800 page Book. But all of those things that captured my attention this week - that distracted me - that delayed me from my self-imposed deadline - they were not external events - they were internal events - they were in my thoughts....”my circular thoughts”.

As I mentioned in earlier writings: “there is no one that talks to us....more than we talk to ourselves” and “we say things to ourselves we would never allow anyone else to say to us....we are our own biggest critic”. As we often do - we evaluate where we are in life. We use milestones or guard posts to: "measure our ife-path”. At times, we compare ourselves to other times we compare ourselves to our own self-established mile-markers. So, this week was one of those weeks.....time for self-reflection.,..time for setting up “systems” for projects....time for re-engaging and preparing for the onset of the academic semester.....time for a long discussion with a friend of mine about his thrill about his annual Franklin Planner refill arriving in the mail (he loves the principles of Stephen Covey and the Franklin-Covey Time Management System)....time for arriving at a decision, and implementing the process, to vacate our (my colleague and dear friend, Dr. Geri Abbatiello) office space that we have had for 15 years. We came to this decision in response to the changes of the COVID-19 quarantine and the evolution of web-based platforms allowing one to connect and deliver psychotherapy virtually. (Although, it is not the same as person-to-person - it provides a better engagement vs. just speaking to someone over the phone.) So, “there have been a lot of things” that have consumed my attention this week...the seeds were planted about.... organizing, arranging, preparing, reflecting, implementing, engaging....etc. (all with the background noise and images of the TV and Social- Media Networks blaring and broadcasting current news of our COVID World! ) - as I attended meetings, participated in Zoom Calls, engaged in numerous conversations (both telephonic and virtual), met deadlines, created documents and found time to be around family and friends and to read....a little. However, I was rattled more than usual, I felt this in a couple of interactions and engagements. Why? I just was. What's the Answer? Focus on what is: “here and now” - not just distant objects or goals. Another answer? "Review, Reset, Reboot, Restructure....(a lot of words beginning with “Re”) .....and one more Renew....and one more Relax". It's interesting....the beauty found in Sunset and Sunrise are sometimes easy to confuse...or are they....Sun goes down....Sun comes is part of the rhythm of life.

Time to Reset....(Again) is part of the rhythm of life.




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