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Needed: The “Please Leave Me ‘Alone’ Now App”

Needed: The “Please Leave Me "Alone" Now (PLMAN)” App


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


There is not a day - nor in fact - part of a day that we are not engaging with an “app” or being encouraged to  interact with a new “app”. The history of “app” development is interesting. ( Beginning in 1980, (think about that all within the last 20+ years), we have been inundated with an onslaught of  “apps”. From that landscape, we can access just about everything we can (or could not have) even thought about. From every part of our personal world to our international world “there is an 'app' for that”. It has become so customary to access “apps” that a new phenomena has surfaced referred to as “app fatigue” - where an individual is just tired, exhausted and becomes non-interested in accessing “apps” - whether they be for: interpersonal, occupational, social, health/wellness, dating, manufacturing needs and beyond (

What is the “ask here”? I recommend we may want to create one more “app” and we can call it the: “Please Leave Me "Alone" Now App (PLMAN)”. What would be the purpose of the “PLMAN”? The purpose would be to - provide us the opportunity to: “provide us the time and space, with ourselves, to reclaim, reexamine and reinvest in our own lives” once again.

I want to be clear - I am not against advances in technology.  I am however - against being swallowed up by: “a cyber-world that lacks the power found in the human interaction”. (In fact, on a personal level I have recently aligned myself with (and use) MindfulText utilizes a text-based platform to train people how to develop and use a mindfulness-based practice - one text at a time. I love it….and part of the reason I love it  - is that I am not required to access a web-based portal or app. But rather, I am a: “receiver of information”.). I recommend a try.

The other thing that I have started to engage in is acupuncture. I love this as well. Part of the reason is the: “quiet and meditative part” of acupuncture. Regardless of the breadth and depth of: “app development” - I would not be able to receive the benefits of acupuncture from a virtual world. So, taking and making "time for yourself" requires a discipline. Just like there was a “learning curve” required in “learning technology” - I do believe now there is a “learning curve required in reclaiming your life - and disconnecting from technology”. But it’s worth it - because “we are worth the pains we take with ourselves” (a great Carl Jung quote).

Side Note: In writing this Blog, I have come to realize the common variable for me - between the use of  Mindfultext ( and acupuncture (; /

is that in both practices - I find a health and wellness benefit. I also find both modalities to be relaxing and afford to me - the opportunity for stress reduction - to focus on my breath - to focus on the moment - to focus on the now. And most important for me - they both promote the value of a mindfulness and a  meditative approach - and neither requires that I need to engage in a virtual - driven world or engage in a website or an “app” -  a personal win, a personal time - an "alone-time" - allowing me the opportunity to: “reclaim, reexamine and reinvest in my personal life - in this moment of ‘now’”  - a win all around! .


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