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Hey You - Look Over Here!

Hey You - Look Over Here!


L. T. Force, Ph.D.


You haven’t met me yet - my name is “Banks”. I’m a Golden-Doodle and I’m coming up to my one-year old Birthday. About 10 months ago, I entered the life of a family that truly-truly loves me. In fact, it’s an extended family - with friends attached. And you know what? I own them all! I have them by their: Heart-Strings”. How did you do that - you ask? The answer is simple: “I’m easy to deal with, fun to be around, appreciate the moment and I accept everyone as they are. These are true gifts I wish everyone - could learn from me”.

Take a look at my picture again - there I am! ~ And what do you notice? Take a good look - and you will see that: I look obedient, at ease with myself and I have a nice rhythm to my day. My typical day - begins by waking up - greeting everyone....wagging my tail (as an indication that I’m happy to see everyone) and then I take care of my early morning needs. I go outside, meet the neighbors ....practice my morning rituals (of exploring my environment, using my sense of smell - and scent - address what I need to do - and return home). I practice this ritual a couple times of day - it’s part of my routine. Upon returning home, I immediately show my gratitude for being there and my happiness to be where I am - and then I eat.

Once finished with eating....I return to what I think is important. I play in my space - I have a number of toys as options - and then I take a nap. When I wake-up - I once again engage in positive interactive behavior - with whoever is around. What do I notice? People like being with me....they like engaging with me....I make them happy.... they think of me as fun. And then the ritual and rhythm of my day repeats itself....enjoying where I am....eating....napping....grateful for the moment....playing and then repeating again. My life is a simple life....filled with gratitude, happiness, the love of people - and the importance of understanding the value of staying in the moment. If only people could follow my would be so much easier for all.

You see, I like other members of my species, have witnessed and overhead conversations from many people - and hear what they consider to be important and valuable. I know that some people spend hours, days, weeks, months and lifetimes trying to be something different than who they are. I know for some - their reading of books consist of a flood of: “self-help advice”. Their personal libraries and book collections - look like a self-help aisle found in Barnes and Noble. Now, don’t get me wrong - there is nothing wrong with trying to make yourself a “better person” or to “develop strategies to achieve new things in life”. However, where the danger comes in - is when people only look to the past or future - and do not pay enough attention to the true gift.... the beauty and power of the present. You see the power of the present is where the gifts to life are found....being in the moment....enjoying the people around you....and making them feel good, happy and important.

The irony is....people spend time and effort - in training us - and we only ask that....not only do you train us....but that you also learn from us. You see....we have discovered and practice the true gifts of life: we are easy to deal with, fun to be around, appreciate the moment and we accept everyone as they are.

I told you at the beginning my name is: “Banks” - but I didn’t tell you what my name stands for:

B (Beautiful); A (Accepting); N (Nice); K (Kind) and S (Simple Life) = “Banks”.

What does it really mean? It means: I’m a Beautiful Boy....I am Accepting of all....I am Nice to others....I’m Kind....and I live a Simple Life.

My recommendation is try it....try to do what I do....follow my lead....learn from I learn from you. As I said at the beginning: “Hey You - Look Over Here!” I say those words one more time: “Hey You - Look Over Here!”....and now I think you understand why.


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