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Ease-Up....”I’m good enough!”

Ease-Up....”I’m good enough!”


L.T.Force, Ph.D.


We hear all the time about the importance of staying in the moment....the importance of: "focusing on the now....closing our eyes and focusing on the presence of our breath". There probably isn’t a day that goes by we are not exposed to how important it is to be mindful and to not be captured or entrapped with a focus on the past or the future....and to stay in the present....stay in the moment. However, as I was thinking about this point - it occurred to me - “when is enough....enough?” When is it time to stop practicing that exercise and just live your life - as it is?

Recently, I had a conversation with someone whose opinion I respect. In that conversation, when we were talking about the events of the day - and the changing times - now as a result of the overarching political climate - and the “COVID-Transition” - where everyone is trying to get positioned for a reentry into a: “Post-Vaccinated World” - we were talking about how everyone is everyone seems to be trying to do something different. He said something that was very profound and I was taken by. He said, “I’m good enough!”. And it hit me - I don’t often hear that statement - that type of sentiment. I don’t usually hear that type of insight from my clients - where they are typically trying to change be different from who.... and what.... and where they are. And more importantly, and more profoundly, I don’t often hear those words: “I’m good enough!’ - from my own inner voice!

This idea of: “I’m good enough” goes against, and runs contrary to what we are exposed to everyday - where we are bombarded by media (in all forms and across all platforms) where we are encouraged:

"to be different....look for more....never settle....never be satisfied with or where you are”. And here the words: “I’m good enough” are presented to me. It made me stop....look around....and reflect on the different areas of my own life. And you know what - “I am good enough”. I must tell you - holding onto that thought - repeating those words and coming to the realization that: “I’m good enough!” - provided me a feeling similar to when you: "open a window and you are engulfed and surrounded with fresh air”.... it’s such a feeling of freedom, health, wellness and contentment”.

So, yes...I will continue: "to practice staying in the moment....staying in the present"....but the one thing that will be different now - is when I open my eyes....I will: "Ease-Up on myself" and the first affirmation I will repeat to myself is: “I’m good enough!”....and then repeat it again....“I’m good enough!” This is a gift for me....from unwrap: "I’m good enough!” Thank-you!

Now, when will it be your time to unwrap this gift....and say to yourself and others:

“I’m good enough!” Thank-you!


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