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I have found my “Voice”…. but you may not want to hear it.

I have found my “Voice”…. but you may not want to hear it.


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


In therapy and in life - people strive for clarity of thought and freedom from negative thoughts. As we know: “No one talks to us….more than we talk to ourselves. And we would never allow people to say the critical and ‘down-putting’ things that we say to ourselves. We are our own biggest critic”. However, what is not often addressed is: “the disconnect between our inner voice and thoughts…. with our outer voice and actions”.


Definition of Voice:


/ (vɔɪs) /


the sound made by the vibration of the vocal cords, especially when modified by the resonant effect of the tongue and mouth….

the natural and distinctive tone of the speech sounds characteristic of a particular person

the condition, quality, effectiveness, or tone of such sounds

the musical sound of a singing voice, with respect to its quality

verb (tr)

to utter in words; give expression to articulate (a speech sound) with voice



“Your Voice" starts from the "inside-out”. It is only when you can hear yourself.... your thoughts - do you find the conversation beginning - not with others - but first with you and within yourself. However, settings, people, relationships and circumstances may all provide a: “muting of your voice….of what you truly want to say….and how you truly want to be”. True strength is found when your "inner voice" is saying the same thing as your "outer voice”. It can take years of work….reflection….prayers and supportive counseling…. or the change and unison of your words and actions can happen instantaneously, miraculously….etc., where you share with others your:

“true voice....your authentic voice….the conversation you are having within yourself”.

We all know where we want to be, who we want to be and how we want to be….how we want to live our lives. Building upon the theory and writings of Carl Jung: “people are worth the pains they take with themselves”. That’s true. Change is work and effort "BUT" when it happens - what a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of freedom! You are no longer turning the volume down of your own

"inner voice"…. You are no longer broadcasting two voices….your "inner voice" and your

"outer voice". You are no longer anesthetizing your thoughts and sabotaging your behavior with unwanted and harmful actions …. basically used as a distraction from listening to your own

"inner voice". You know who you are.... and what you want to say.... and how you want to live your life…. Now the strength is found in the actions that Now everyone else will know too....

"LOUD and CLEAR!". Nice job and well worth it!

So, yes I have found "my voice" and yes, you may not want to hear it…. however. the paradox is:

"I’m not talking to you…. I’m talking to me".


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