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The Sound and Volume of Silence: “The Whisperer”

The Sound and Volume of Silence: “The Whisperer”


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


Noise…….loud and fast….and more noise….it is the rhythm of the day.... more noise….multi-tasking….fast….it is the rhythm of the day….fast-paced - moving in circles. We all know people who fit this profile….’multi-taskers’….’jugglers of life-events’….'moving in circles'….and then I have a friend. My friend - walks quietly….speaks quitely….thinks deeply….thinks about what she is going to say - says little - but is so profound and gentle and deep - the “Sound and Volume of her Silence” broadcasts her presence - and her presence is profound.

My friend is a gentle person….a gentle soul….a kind person….a person who reflects a calmness and a constant sense of reassurance. She reminds me of: “someone special in my life” - in fact, a person who was: “one of my biggest fans across my lifetime”. Often I refer to my friend by that person’s name - “Louise” - as a sense of honor and tribute. You see “Louise” that: “special person in my life” - had a certain way of blending in: humor, kindness, reassurance, hope, insight and understanding of the human condition. Both of these individuals, guided by: “the power and comfort of prayer” illuminate a sense of peace and acceptance to all individuals they encounter. What a true gift - “a gift of understanding, encouragement and acceptance of the frailty found in all of us”.

Across our lifetime - we learn from each other. In fact, “behavior patterns are contagious”. There are times we imitate the: “behavior, affect, mannerisms and ‘voice’ of others” - whom we admire. As I tell my students - the essential question in studying behavior across the lifespan is: “do people change or do they remain the same as they age?” This question is a fundamental and essential question - in the study of aging and gerontology. To understand this question, provides the door to: "the understanding of people". The answer is: “people do both….patterns of personality - both change across the lifespan….and patterns of personality - remain the same across the lifespan”. We are not the same person who sat in a 3rd grade classroom - we look different….we act different….we think different. However, there are parts of our personality constructs that remain stable across our lifespan. Some theorists, for instance Dr. Brian Weiss - believes we may be presenting parts of our personalities drawn from: “lives lived before”. (Aside: I love the work of Dr. Brian Weiss on: “past-life regressions” - and I highly recommend you Goggle him - to become familiar with his work). How does this relate to my friend - who has a persona of a well informed: “Whisperer”? I mention this - because her words and actions are not easy to imitate....they resonate beyond the conversation….the innocence and power of her gift....bring you a sense of comfort....a smile....a "validation and acceptance of self"..... her skills and profound quiet presence - has evolved across her lifespan, and I would say, has been influenced by the worlds beyond us - both past and future....a true divine gift.

Where is my friend now? My friend is somewhere - sitting quietly…. thinking…. pondering…. reflecting ….reading ….writing….praying….meditating....energizing herself with a cup of tea in hand. My friend goes unnamed - because that is what she would want - but she knows who she is….and all who know her….know who she is. Thank-you my friend, for drawing from: "the traditions and wisdom of antiquity….drawing from the heart and the guidance delivered by prayer, meditation and reflection”. Everyone should be Blessed to have a friend like you. The “Sound and Volume of your Silence” - speaks to all of us.....


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