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The Power, Strength and Gifts found: “in the dumps”.

The Power, Strength and Gifts found: “in the dumps”.


L.T.Force, Ph.D.


There is an old saying: “I feel in the dumps”. The origin of the phrase can be traced to:


To be ‘in the dumps’ was to be disconsolate and disheartened – what Sir Winston Churchill was later to call ‘black dog’. The first record we have of ‘down in the dumps’ is in Francis Grose’s priceless vocabulary in 1785: Dumps. Down in the dumps; low-spirited, melancholy: jocularly said to be derived from Dumpos, a King of Egypt, who died of melancholy.

As you can see - the term: “In the dumps” has a long standing history and record.

What do we know? We know that: “part of the human condition consists of an array of emotional states, i.e., joy, happiness, sadness, gloom, pleasure….etc”….and the list goes on. My take, if you have a heartbeat - there is a good chance there will be times - that yes, you will feel happiness….but as well, there will be times you will feel sadness and “in the dumps”.

And what do we know? We know there are gifts, power and strength found “in the dumps”, as well. Because it is here, upon prayer and reflection….”in the dumps” - resiliency, strength and hope live.

My simple advice, “stay tuned….it passes….there are always gifts, treasures and insights to be found “in the dumps” ….and they come in many shapes and forms.


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