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“The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!”

“The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!”


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


As we take to the streets, wouldn’t that be a great sign to see: “The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!” Banners, billboards, skywriters, newspapers, headlines letting everyone know - as the headlines read, the radio waves blare, the Internet heralds . - the battle is over - a new way has been found: “The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!” Let everyone know - from coast to coast, from shore to shore, from street to street, from mountaintop to mountaintop - from friend to friend, family members, work associates- everyone - let it be known….you get this! And, oh by the way…..the most important person that needs to hear this news is you - you need to know…and you need to act as you know. “The Industry of Misery: Is closed!!!!…. and you no longer need to report for duty!”

You have found a new way, a new venue to spend your time. Language and Thoughts will change….outcomes will be altered… career paths in this helping industry will be formed and developed….”The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!” Now, instead of making an appointment to see a Therapist….to review what’s wrong in your life….you now make appointments and sessions to applaud what’s right in your life….and to develop strategies and pathways forward….as you continue to build upon these strengths in your life…. where you will spend time and effort in relishing what is right in your life…. because: “The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!”

Think about this as a new way of doing business. First, it starts with personal business….a personal dialogue….you begin a conversation with yourself….by stating: “The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!” No longer will you spend countless hours, days, weeks, months and years engrossed in a self-dialogue - where you are highlighting scene by scene of how you are not what you expected to be. “No longer will you spend your valuable time reviewing your thoughts and memories of how you haven’t lived up to your own expectations or the expectations of others!” So, instead of living in the: “field of your own regrets”….surrounded with shadows, interpretations and projections….you will spend time treating yourself the way you would expect others to treat you….with a warm welcoming sense of pride and appreciation”. You have done it….you have found a new way….and a light has been turned on to guide your way!

Think about this….think about how your day will change....think about how your life will change….think about how the world will change….by a mere shift from looking at the world through the perspective of what’s wrong…."through the lens of problems….to shifting to the lens of what’s right….to the lens of your strengths and solutions". Why? Because, “The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!” You got this….and now begin by acting like you do….it’s a practice….it’s a disruption of a “problem-centered approach” to now a focus on a “strength-centered approach”. Once you realize the importance of making this shift and looking at “what is right”….and removing your focus from “what is wrong”….you will realize it is like opening a window….and letting sunlight and fresh air in….all at the same time! And the more you practice this “shift in paradigm”….the more you will realize this is where you should live. Turn the light on! Shine the light! The way forward is not based upon the focus on the negative….the way forward is built upon the focus on your strengths. Why? Because, you deserve this and….“The Industry of Misery: Is Closed!!!!”

© 2022 L.T. Force, Ph.D.


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