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The “Imagined You”: The Power and Use of Imagery and Mindfulness

The “Imagined You”:

The Power and Use of Imagery and Mindfulness


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


I think we can all agree, to say the least, the Human Condition is a perplexing energy and constellation field - moving forward at different speeds and different directions across the lifespan.

In the arena of Psychotherapy, what is it that we hear most often? For the most part, we hear: ”the person wants to change….they want to be different from who they are presently”. Clients will often indicate they would like to: “stop engaging in a pattern of behavior or an interpersonal exchange they are exhibiting…. or they would like to initiate a pattern of behavior or interpersonal exchange they are presently not exhibiting….they want to be different from how they see themselves at the present moment”. However, they already know who they want to be….we all do! For as we know, “change is all individual centered and unique to the person, in fact, if you have seen one person who yearns for change….you have seen one person. Change requires work, effort and practice.The question is: ”how does that process of change begin?” The answer is: “it begins Now….in the Moment….it Begins with You!!!!

If you have come to the point and time in your life via self-reflection, self-dialogue or encouragement or requests or demands from others that : ”things need to change”….you have arrived! And you….and you alone…. have the power to make that change!” Talking Therapy can be a good avenue to begin your: “Change Route”, however, you need to have an appreciation that although Talking Therapy can be of great value….the added dimension of action - in the form of Complimentary Care, i.e., exercise, yoga, meditation, energy-healing, massage therapy, breath work, Reiki (and the list goes on) ….etc. will add value, width and strength in your efforts to make this change effective. “Change. Requires action and practice.”

Where to begin? Begin in the moment. Start with imaging the: “Imagined You!”

The “Imagined You” is achieved by practice. It is not only what you want to be in the future…. but what you want to be now. It is a self-produced image of your:

“Imagined You!” The image of the way that you really want to be! That’s the key! It’s not just how you want to look or act or will be perceived in five years out….it’s how you want to look act and be perceived five minutes out – IT’S HOW YOU WANT TO BE NOW!!!!

Wherever you are….stop for a a few moments….sit quietly….breathe in and out….focus on part of the ceiling, the wall or an object that you haven’t seen before….then focus on your breathing….breathing in….breathing out….slowly and gently close your eyes….and when your mind starts to wander….focus on your breathing….and with each breath you take….you will find yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Then produce and invest time, effort and energy in creating the image of how you really want to be….in the setting you really want to be in (for e.g., by the ocean, in your backyard, in your home, on a mountaintop or city street - a place of comfort and safety for you….surrounded by the people you really want to be surrounded by….and they can change….or you can image yourself being by yourself). And at that moment, create the person….the “Imagined You!” As you see yourself….as you really want to be, feel and act. This is your “Imagined You!” And each one of us has an “Imagined You” in our minds, our thoughts and our hearts. Your “Imagined You” is there….ready and available to be manifested. This is who you really are...stay in the moment. You created the image and surroundings and settings that you really want to be….and in direct words:

“Then Act Like You….Want To Be There!”

Yes, creating the “Imagined You” takes energy, time and practice….but it is worth it….and so are You! Repeat this process….the more time you spend in the presence of your: “Imagined You”….the more time you will become comfortable with…,and act like the: “Imagined You”.

Be the person you want to be….be the real you….the “Imagined You!”

© 2022 L.T. Force, Ph.D.


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