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Pause - Breathe -Thought (PBT’s): The Medicine of the Mind

Pause - Breathe -Thought (PBT’s): The Medicine of the Mind


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


We are an energy field….we are an energy system. It’s part of our wiring. The interesting thing is that we usually don’t think about how mind and body are so intertwined. There is an old saying: “where mind goes….body will follow”. However, there is another part to that equation: “Where mind goes….mind will follow”.

It is rare today to be able to read or see any form of information that doesn’t reference the importance of: “breathing and mindfulness as an antidote for anxiety and stress”. It is a simple message, i.e., the value found in:: “staying in the moment”. There is an abundance of information available - addressing the importance and benefit found in: “Breath-work and meditation” as a way to address stress and enhance relaxation. However, unfortunately for the most part, generally, people are not: “zeroing-in” on the value-add of this message. Why? I think its because when people hear the word: ”Meditation” they immediately generate images of: “yoga mats and 45-minute lotus positions” and then immediately decide: ”that’s not for me…. I don’t want to do that….”. I would recommend, if we want to get the attention of individuals - and have them see the value of: “Breath-work and meditation” as a tool and resource to address anxiety and stress - we need to: “reframe the image of meditation”. I think we need to reshape the images that are associated with this practice. Maybe the term is: “Micro-meditation”. There is information already available defining that form of practice: ( ). However, I would recommend that we totally redefine what we are hoping for as an outcome. A suggestion, a remedy….replace the word “meditation” with the term: “Pause-Breathe-Thought (PBT’s)”. Isn’t that we are really looking for as an outcome when we encourage people to use: “Breath-work and meditation, i.e., .…to pause for a moment….breathe for a moment….and then think for a moment? “

Try it! Just stop reading for a moment and try the simple practice of: “Pause-Breathe-Thought (PBT’s)”. Pause what you are doing - whether it be a physical or mental activity….could be a work related activity….could be a family related activity or you could be encompassed with thoughts and feelings of stress and anxiety. Whatever it is just: “Pause” then “Breathe”….take a Breath….you may want to gently close your eyes….slowly “Breathe“ in through your nose and out through your mouth…. repeat again….and then the -“Thought”….Think about how you feel at that present moment….take a moment and Think…..begin to realize how relaxed you feel. Take stock in the fact - that you….yes, you have the ability to bring yourself to the moment….to the present… reduce your stress….and by the use of breathing and imagery… have the ability to manage yourself. Yes, “Pause - Breathe - Thought (PBT’s)” are a powerful ‘tool - that becomes more powerful as you practice. The beauty is that it can be done anywhere….yes, anywhere….at anytime….yes, anytime. The only criteria is that you are present…..literally and figuratively…..because it really is…. all about you….and you can do this!

“Pause - Breathe -Thought (PBT’s): The Medicine of the Mind!”


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