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Change is Inevitable: You can’t stop it!

Change is Inevitable: You can’t stop it!


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


Often we hear from others - they want to “change”. In their: “self-reflection and self-talk people often have a tendency to find a dissonance, i.e., a sense of uneasiness or disconnect between what they are doing and what they want to do….or the vision they have of their future”. This is not an uncommon psychological event. We all have a sense of: “disconnect between what we are doing and our “idealized self “. Is it self-discipline that is lacking? It appears not!

For years now, I mean years, I have used the “Franklin Planner System” ( as a tool for time management. The guideline of this tool places an emphasis on “Daily Planning”, i.e. setting up a daily task or to-do list and then attaching a letter designation (A, B or C) - to rank the importance of completing / delegating or deleting the task. Prior to the advent of electronic calendars - I carried the Franklin Planner with me - wherever I went. Fast forward, now arrived - the electronic version of calendars….etc. (Another story, is how I wrestled with the option of continuing to use paper or switch to an electronic calendar (much more portable and seamless platform). I still vacillate between the two options. However, over the last year, I have come to terms with myself and use an electronic calendar for meetings and appointments - however, for planning purposes I still default to my (now desktop) Franklin Planner. This dual arrangement works for me. One major suggestion - don’t try to run two different calendars (one paper and one electronic) - it can become a scheduling nightmare! Also recently, I was introduced by a friend to an app called: “Things - 3”: (a review;

So for me - I have arrived at a system that works, i.e., the use of an electronic calendar, the use of a planner for long-term goals and an electronic to-do list. I am set….at least I thought I was. And then I revisited Stephen Covey’s book: The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People: - but this time around I didn’t read the book again - this time, I downloaded an audio version. Impression - life changer! And the reason why - is through Covey’s narration - I have learned new things. First, I realized I have been doing this all wrong. “It is not about a to-do list or a daily planning activity that will lead to your: “Vision-Capture” - that is not where you start….and then drill down on the day. But rather,

long-term planning begins by creating a Mission Plan - guided by your principles and roles. From there theto-do of daily activities" percolates to the surface. I had it all wrong. I was focused on the daily planning function. So now - a “Change” has occurred. I have learned something new and as a result (in Covey’s words) I have “shifted my paradigm”.

If you, like me, and many others who have wrestled with your inner voice about the lack of self discipline - I am here to pass the message on: “It’s not about self-discipline but rather it’s about aligning your daily activities with your inner vision….your mission. We all have missions - and they change…. and so do we. We can’t live in the past….and we can’t live in the future….we only have the Now. In fact, if yesterday and tomorrow had a birth child….it would be called today!” Regardless of where you find yourself in life….if your thinking about the future….and looking to figure out ways to embed your vision into a daily reality…..then your work isn’t done! And more importantly….don’t act like it is! Change is Inevitable: You can’t stop it!


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