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Pulse: We All Have One!

Pulse: We All Have One!


L.T.Force, Ph.D.


Fingerprints. What is it we always say about fingerprints? Usually, the discussion about fingerprints focuses on how unique and individualized they are.


Fingerprints: (Definition)

fingerprint, impression made by the papillary ridges on the ends of the fingers and thumbs. Fingerprints afford an infallible means of personal identification, because the ridge arrangement on every finger of every human being is unique and does not alter with growth or age.



Yes, this is true, i.e., there are no two sets of fingerprints that are alike. As we continue to think about this point - are there other similarities and differences that we share across our species? Yes, there are….there are many. Here is one: “Pulse”. We all have a Pulse”.


Definition of Pulse:

1.regular beating in the arteries, caused by the contractions of the heart ; 2. any beat, signal, vibration, etc. that is regular or rhythmical (Collins Dictionary). 3. From Late Middle English pulse, Middle English pulsen (“to pulse, throb”), from Latin pulsāre, the present active infinitive of pulsō (“to push; to beat, batter, hammer, strike; to knock on; to pulsate; (figuratively) to drive or urge on, impel; to move; to agitate, disquiet, disturb”). (Wiktionary)


We all have a Pulse”. Yes, there are differences when we compare ourselves to others. In fact, there are differences (“Pulse” rates) even within ourselves. Normal “Pulse” rate runs between 60-100 Beats per minute. During the day, our ”Pulse” rate changes. In fact, during the day, depending upon the activity we are engaged in, our “Pulse” fluctuates. If we are exercising our “Pulse” increases. If we are relaxing or meditating our “Pulse” decreases. Also, at night during sleep our “Pulse” rate decreases. And today, there are a multitude of platforms and devices where we can measure our


What’s the take-away? A “Pulse” is the major differentiator. - if we have a “Pulse” - we are alive….it shows we have a Heart…. it is part of our Human Life experience! If we have a “Pulse” then we need to act like we do! If we have a “Pulse”….anything is possible! If we have a “Pulse”….everything is possible! If we have a “Pulse”….then the living world is ours!


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