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Move Over …. Psychotherapy and Psychotropics …. Technology and the Heart have arrived!

Move Over….Psychotherapy and Psychotropics….Technology and the Heart Have Arrived!


L.T. Force, Ph.D.


We are all a reflection of our experiences. As Therapist, Clinicians and Practitioners we are a reflection of our training, as well. When I entered the field of Psychology as a student 50 years ago - it was emphasized that Psychotherapy was a valid intervention for those seeking change. The traditional schools of thought (Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism or Cognitive and Cognitive-Behaviorism) would guide the way - and provide a pathway for the Therapist to follow. Each School of Thought looked at the individual, their problem and their family system in a unique and specific way - determined by the underlying theory and practice orientation.

In addition, to being guided by a particular theoretical orientation, the use of Psychotropics was also heralded as a valid intervention. However, the use of Psychotropics by themselves - without the support and guidance of Talking Therapy -?was not considered to be an effective approach. The belief of the day was - in order to best effect “change” - the best intervention was arrived at by utilizing a combination of Psychotherapy with Psychotropics. And that paradigm lived in the therapeutic world for years….it was found in textbooks, conferences and the professional writings of that day. But things are different now.

The Practice orientation and Clinical Intervention of today is different from what was taught and practiced 50 years ago. Yes, as Therapists and Practitioners we still rely, and are guided by theories, concepts and principles of particular Schools of Thought. However, the “therapeutic landscape has changed”. The impact of technology has altered the delivery and scope of our “therapeutic reach”. As I tell my students, there are two things you need to bring into any therapeutic relationship (whether it be with an individual, a couple or a family system) - you need to: “bring your heart and bring an understanding of technology. If you can only bring one thing….bring your heart”.

in addition, the value we now place on the role of Holistic / Complimentary Care and resources - has increased our “therapeutic depth”. (On a personal note, I refer more of my clients to the gym, massage therapy, nutritionists, yoga classes, meditation teachers….than I do to psychiatry - and I don’t have anything against psychiatry”). Just like we held a belief 50 +years ago - that there was a value in linking psychotherapy with the use of psychotropics….”today, we need to advocate, value and practice that if your clients are looking: “to impact change in their life….than they need to act like they want to impact change in their life. Change requires more than talk…change requires action….from a Holistic and Complimentary Mental Health perspective!”

The manner and delivery of psychotherapy did not escape the impact of the Covid Pandemic. Today, it is not an uncommon practice, to have the option, to engage with your clients via a web-based platform. Technology is here to stay. And as I indicated - in my practice I am of the belief that a combination of traditional modalities - coupled with Holistic and Complimentary Mental Health modalities for example found at: Pacifyr (a Worldwide Hub of Holistic and Complimentary Care Mental Health Practitioners and Resources): - makes the best sense and most comprehensive approach for your clients.

Things have changed across time - the ingredients are different - including the art and practice of psychotherapy….it is no longer the 1970’s. “Move over…. Psychotherapy and Psychotropics…. Technology, the Heart and Complimentary / Holistic Mental Health Techniques have arrived!”….and in combination…. they make a stronger and more powerful intervention.

© 2022 L.T. Force, Ph.D.


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